Currently Loving | Early February 2021

It’s been far too long, friends! 

The end of the semester at school was a bit of a rush, but today I’m enjoying a snowy day at home (cookie in hand, fuzzy purple blanket at the ready, homework done for the day — things are good!), and I’m so eager to share with you some of the most recent things I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to. Let’s chat quirky historic hobbies, concept albums, and shiny new books, yes? 

I Hate Suzie >> If you, like me, un-ironically have “Honey to the Bee” on various playlists at any given time, I highly recommend I Hate Suzie, Billie Piper’s latest project with writer Lucy Prebble. The television series follows an actress, Suzie Pickles, as her life descends into (darkly humorous!) chaos and trauma following the leak of her personal photos. Prebble conceived each episode as its own mini film; the resulting show has a rich aesthetic, strong perspective, and biting sense of tension that leaves you both gasping and laughing out loud. It’s been a definite highlight on my watchlist for the past couple weeks!

Flap My Wings: Songs From We Live In Cairo >> I miss live theatre so, so much right now, and I find myself reminiscing about my most beloved in-person theatre experiences. Among these was seeing We Live in Cairo at the ART in Cambridge. The indie show, following a group of students and activists during the Arab Spring, combined a beautiful score with projections of real-life protest footage to capture a period marked by both strife and hope. 

The show’s creators, the Lazour brothers, recently released Flap My Wings: Songs from We Live in Cairo, and I’ve been listening to it constantly. The album captures the show’s original magic, calling on artists and original cast members to reinterpret some of the best tracks. My favorite songs are “Cairo Street Scenes” and “The 18 Days, Part 3,” but all are worth a listen — or ten!  

The Things They Fancied by Molly Young >> My sister tells me I’m the easiest person to shop for, and she’s made her case with a recent holiday gift: a copy of writer Molly Young’s zine, The Things They Fancied. A scrumptiously short and witty take on rich people’s hobbies throughout history, the zine features the specific brand of historical gossip that I delight in. (It’s like The Great meets The Cut’s best column!!) I spent a recent morning before school reading all about sparkling pineapples and $50,000 perfume; I couldn’t have loved it more. 

Liberté / Everything That Burns by Gita Trelease >> My preferred procrastination method when it comes to studying for AP Euro? Reading books that tangentially relate to the course curriculum! The latest book in this auspicious lineup is Gita Trelease’s Liberté (also known as Everything that Burns), the French Revolution-set sequel to the author’s 2019 debut. I picked up my copy at my local bookstore this past week, and I can’t wait to dive back into Trelease’s world of blood-draining magic and misbehaving hot air balloons. Studying time well spent. 

All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece >> My Sunday nights, as of late, have been devoted to the recent PBS adaption of All Creatures Great and Small. It’s the perfect Sunday show, following the soothing escapades and gentle adventures of a young veterinary assistant in the English countryside. Nothing too distressing ever occurs (will Tricki-Woo the Pekingese dog learn to follow a suitable diet plan? Who knows!!) and the scenery is always beautiful. It’s a lovely balm to end my week. 

What things (books, movies, recipes, etc.) have you been loving as of late? I’d so love to know! 



Currently Loving | September 28 – October 4


Long time, no see, friends! I hope you’re all doing well and having a lovely weekend!! 

School started up for me over these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been a bit slogged down with homework and extracurriculars. I’ve so missed blogging and chatting with you, though, and I’m eager to get back into a writing routine! (And a reading one! I fear for the fate my 2020 book challenge.) 

Today, I’m sharing a list of some of my favorite music, shows, books, and recipes as of late. Check them out below! 

The Great British Bake Off >> GBBO is peak television. It has everything I look for in a show: puns, sweets, banter, random relaxing shots of wildlife, the works! I’m loving the newest season; come Friday evening, you’ll definitely find me in my living room, cup of tea in hand, yelling about florentines. 

Baking with fall flavors >> Speaking of baking, I have been taking advantage of the season and trying out loads of new recipes! Apples, pumpkin, and cinnamon are some of my favorite flavors to bake with, and I love how cozy my kitchen feels after making a batch of scones or cookies. Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Breakfast Granola Crisp (pictured above) is my go-to morning meal right now, and I’ve also tried out these apple muffins from King Arthur Flour and the Apple Pecan Snacking Cake from Flour Bakery. This week, I’m looking forward to taste-testing some white chocolate apple scones. Apples, galore! 

Enola Holmes + Maleficent: Mistress of Evil >> During the week I tend to be busy with schoolwork and college apps, but, on the weekend, I look forward to family movie nights! Recent picks for films have been Millie Bobby Brown’s Holmesian romp, Enola Holmes, on Netflix as well as the second Maleficent installment on Disney Plus. Both were great fun – historical mysteries and fantasy magic perfectly complement October’s spooky mood!

Rebel Spy >> I’ve been lucky enough to read some top-notch books over the past couple of months, but none surprised me as much as Veronica Rossi’s Rebel Spy. Telling the imagined backstory of the woman spy “355” during the American Revolution, the book is engrossing and suspenseful. Plus, it features a squeal-worthy love story! I can’t wait to check out Rossi’s other works.

Islander Cast Album >> I miss theater quite a bit right now, and cast albums are always in my regular rotation on Spotify. At the top of my list at the moment is the music from Islander, a two-person musical which played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in the UK last year. My sister got to see the show in person (lucky duck!), but I’m still loving the folksy, mythological tunes from the comfort of my couch. 

Have an amazing week!



Currently Loving | August 23 – 30

Hi friends!!

I meant to get this post up earlier in the day, but, alas, my time management skills were somewhat lacking. So, instead, we’re getting a fun late night post! (And any time is a good time to chat about funny movies and blueberry pie, yes? I think so.)

You can check out the media I loved this week below, and be sure to share all the cool things you did too! I’m always on the lookout for stellar recommendations.

The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate | Few books have managed to break my heart in the way that The One and Only Ivan did. Its sequel, The One and Only Bob, isn’t quite so devastating, but it moved me all the same. The poetic writing and courageous (though stubborn!) titular pup are lovely reminders of why I so love children’s literature.

The Bold Type | The Bold Type often borders on ridiculous, even if one overlooks its characters’ questionable fashion choices. Yet it’s also fiercely sweet and feminist, and I’ve so enjoyed catching up on episodes over these past few weeks! (Also! If you’re a fan of the show as well, I encourage you to read and support actress Aisha Dee’s statement calling for more diversity in The Bold Type’s writers room.) 

Blueberry Nectarine Pie | I go back to school in a few weeks and my sister is moving into a new apartment, so she and I are trying out as many yummy new recipes as possible before then! Our latest creation was this blueberry-nectarine pie from the Baking With Less Sugar cookbook by Joanne Chang (of flour bakery fame!) I don’t believe the recipe is available online, but King Arthur Flour has a similar one, if you want to try it out! (Plus, this was my first time trying a nectarine! Apologies to all the nectarine-fiends out there for my tardiness; they’re great!!) 

Candace Against the Universe | Phineas and Ferb was a go-to show of my childhood (and of my teendom, ngl) and I was mighty excited to hear that a reunion movie would be released this August. Candace Against The Universe (on Disney Plus!) was deeply absurd but also deeply delightful, and I was happy to watch it to close out the summer!

The Baby by Samia | I LOVE Samia’s music, and her singles “Someone Tell The Boys” and “Ode to Artifice” have been on my regular rotation for months now. I’m so excited to add tracks from her new album, The Baby, into the mix! It was released on Friday, and I already adore “Minnesota” and “Fit N Full.” Her songs are the perfect moody-pastel soundtrack for the upcoming fall weather! 

Have a lovely end to your August!