Top Ten Books On My Winter 2020 – 2021 TBR List!

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all having a ~dazzling~ December! I myself am currently in my last week of school before winter break. It’s a slog, but there *is* a possibility of a snow day on the horizon. Huzzah! 

In the moments when I haven’t been catching up on school work or obsessively checking the weather (forecast, don’t fail me now!), I’ve been making a list of all the books coming out soon that I’m most excited about. It’s quite a long list! 

Fittingly, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt (from That Artsy Reader Girl) is Books on Your Winter TBR shelf. For my take on the theme, I’m featuring all the new books from this winter that I absolutely can’t wait to read. Some have been released already, and others are still on their way. All of them seem super cool. 

Happy TTT, everyone — let’s get to it! 

december releases

[1] A Wolf for a Spell, Karah Sutton’s debut novel, has so many things I love. (Adventure! Folk tales! Multiple POVs!) Telling the story of a wolf, a witch, and a village girl who work together to save their land from a wicked tsar, the book draws on the myth of Baba Yaga and adds a body-switching twist. It sounds thoroughly magical!

[2] Heiress Apparently follows “the fictionalized descendants of the only officially recognized empress regent of China.” I love me a good Princess-Diaries-esque book, and Diana Ma’s debut sounds like wildly good fun. Early reviews compare the novel to a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie (amazing) and also praise its commentary on racism in the film industry.

[3] A Universe of Wishes holds a hallowed spot at the top of my holiday wishlist, and I so hope to read it before the end of this year! The collection comes from We Need Diverse Books, and it features short stories from a large collection of own-voices YA authors. I’m especially excited for “The Takeback Tango” by Rebecca Roanhorse!

january releases

[4] Percy Jackson imbued in me a lifelong enthusiasm for all things vaguely mythological, so it’s no surprise that I am super duper flippin’ excited for Lore, Alexandra Bracken’s upcoming take on goddesses and curses and prophecies. (Also, how cool is that cover?!)

[5] One of my favorite aspects of The Hate U Give was Starr’s family, especially the dynamic between her parents, Maverick and Lisa. Angie Thomas’ upcoming prequel, Concrete Rose, follows Maverick as a seventeen year old, giving readers further insight into life in Garden Heights. Concrete Rose is an “exploration of Black boyhood and manhood,” and I can’t wait to see the heart, humor, and poignancy with which Thomas tells this character’s story.

[6] When I was younger, I adored Kirsten Miller’s Kiki Strike series and its cast of crime-fighting girl scouts. Don’t Tell a Soul, Miller’s new standalone novel, is a bit darker than the beloved series of my youth; it follows a teenage girl, Bram, as she stays with her uncle in a Gothic, haunted manor. Highlights include ghosts, curses, and creepy thrills. Downsides include a severe lack of girl scout cookies.

february releases

[7] Charlotte Holmes is my fictional bestie, so I will automatically read anything by Brittany Cavallaro. But her upcoming novel, Muse, sounds fascinating in its own right! It’s an alternate history in which America is a monarchy, war is on its way, and a World’s Fair is about to take place. Intrigue!!

[8] We’ve talked about books with witches. We’ve talked about books with gods. How about a book with witches *and* gods?! The Witch’s Heart, Genevieve Gornichec’s February 9th release, reimagines Norse mythology, following a witch named Angrboda who becomes entangled with the god Loki and with a fierce huntress, Skadi. It sounds messy and magical and just like the kind of book I’ll love!

[9] Gita Telease’s 2019 historical fantasy, Enchantée, ended up being one of my fave books of that year. The sequel, Liberté, dives further into the French revolution, mixing history with its unique magic system and sweet (yet complicated!) love story.

[10] The last book on my list is another debut novel; this one comes from Namina Forna! The Gilded Ones centers around Deka, a sixteen year girl who joins an army of “near-immortals with rare gifts” after she becomes ostracized in her village thanks to her magical, golden blood. The fantasy novel has a BEAUTIFUL cover, and early reviews praise its characters, writing, and handling of racism and eugenics. It also sounds feminist and cool as heck. I’m so eager to read!

Which releases are you looking forward to this winter? I’d love to know!



37 thoughts on “Top Ten Books On My Winter 2020 – 2021 TBR List!

    1. I’m so excited for Lore! The cover was released a few months ago and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release date since then.

      Thank you for checking out my list! Happy Tuesday!! ❤


  1. Yessss I can’t wait for Concrete Rose to come out!!! I also want to read heiress apparently and the gilded wolves, adding that to my tbr now 🙂 Great post, hope you get some snow where you live!


  2. i’m so excited for the gilded ones!! the cover truly is stunning like you said, and i’ve also heard such great things about it already. and i just know concrete rose is going to be so beautiful like the hate u give, i can’t wait to read it! one book i’m excited for is winterkeep, which is a book in a series from like 2008 that i really love haha! i hope you manage to read all of these ❤


  3. Yay for The Witch’s Heart! I have seen A Wolf for a Spell on quite a few TBRs for the first time today – what a lovely cover, and I hope the story is even better. Happy reading 🙂


  4. Ooh Concrete Rose looks fantastic! The Hate U Give was such a groundbreaking book, I’m definitely interested to see what Angie Thomas does with the characters next. Also Gilded Ones looks gorgeous!! What a stunning cover.

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